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About Us

At Ramos Law Firm, we specialize in guiding individuals through bankruptcy, providing comprehensive representation and assessments. Whether you're considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or qualify for the protection of a Chapter 13 payment plan, we have you covered

**Our Commitment to You**

- **Free or low-cost Legal Advice**: We're here to offer free legal advice, regardless of your case type.

- **Bankruptcy Experts**: Our agency is dedicated to debt liberation under Federal Bankruptcy Law, helping debtors navigate the complex process of declaring bankruptcy.


Choose Ramos Law Firm for your bankruptcy needs, and let us help you find the financial relief you deserve.

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Why Declare Bankruptcy?

**Ready to Break Free from Debt Collectors?**


Tired of relentless bill collectors hounding you day and night? Struggling to meet your debt obligations? Worried about losing your home, business, or car? Fed up with paying interest without making a dent in the principal?


Declaring bankruptcy in San Diego offers a way out! Depending on the chosen Bankruptcy Chapter, it can wipe out a significant portion of your debts, including secondary mortgages. What's more, bankruptcy can put a halt to wage garnishments, legal actions, auctions, and those incessant calls and letters from collectors.


Regain control of your financial life today by exploring how bankruptcy can provide the relief you need!

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