About Ramos Law Firm

About Us

Bankruptcy Attorney National CityRamos Law Firm offers representation and assessments for a single person seeking Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you qualify for protection under Chapter 13 payment plan then the majority of the fees can be included in a monthly payment to the Bankruptcy court.

We offer you legal advice free for any type of case. Ramos Law Firm is an agency concentrated of debt liberation under the Federal Law of Bankruptcy that helps debtors declare bankruptcy.

Why Declare Bankruptcy?

Are you tired of bill collectors bother you? Unable to pay your debts? Are you in danger of losing your home? Business? Car? Are you constantly paying the interest of your bills and never really paying the principal of your bills?

Declaring San Diego Bankruptcy can help you eliminate most of your debts! Depending on the Bankruptcy Chapter you declare, it may be able to remove up to your second or third mortgage. You can also stop retention of your salary, lawsuits, auction houses, phone calls and letters from collectors by declaring Bankruptcy!